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Design Options and Project Presentation - March 2023

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▶︎ Learning Path
▶︎ Format: trainer-led online courses
▶︎ Level: Advanced
▶︎ Duration: 9 hours (2 weeks)
▶︎ Certification Points: 100 points ★

Understand the various methods of how to manage different design options in Archicad and choose the best one for your project. Complete this learning path to know how to create design variations and how to present them to your client.

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Manage Design Options in Archicad  (3 hours in 1 week)

This course will teach you advanced methods, techniques and workflows to create, annotate and document your details in Archicad. If you are looking to improve on how you produce and manage your details or want to learn a few tips and tricks to enhance your productivity, this course is for you.

Creative Project Presentation Techniques in Archicad (6 hours 1 week)

In this course, you will learn the different uses for scheduling in Archicad and identify which type applies to your needs. You will understand the importance of accurate modeling techniques and how to slice and dice your data, ensuring the highest quality outputs.


Course name

Delivery Dates

Manage Design Options in Archicad

Session 1 - Tuesday, Mar 14, 9:00 CET (Budapest)

Creative Project Presentation Techniques in Archicad

Session 1 - Thursday, Mar 16, 9:00 CET (Budapest)

Session 2 - Tuesday, Mar 21, 9:00 CET (Budapest)


    This learning path is suitable for BIM Authors, who are familiar with Archicad's basic modeling and documentation tools and techniques, but would like to take their skills and knowledge on handling different design options and on creating engaging architectural drawings to the next level.

    Time Commitment

    The courses in this learning path consist of live, trainer-led online sessions - each 3 hour long with breaks plus the time needed for completing the tests/quizzes. A total of 9 hours is required for attending the training sessions and a total of 2-3 hours is required for completing the course exercises and quizzes.

    Online Delivery Information

    The learning path will last for 2 weeks and it will include several live, trainer-led sessions delivered on the Microsoft Teams platform. The live sessions will be recorded and will be available to watch on demand until 12 weeks after the conclusion of the last live meeting of each course. Each live session is 3-hour long with breaks where the trainer will demonstrate various Archicad techniques, methods and workflows and answers your questions in the Q&A sessions. Participating in the live session is NOT mandatory however highly recommended to get the best training experience. 

    Quizzes and Tests

    At the end of the live sessions, there will be theoretical quizzes and practical Archicad tests that can be completed until 2 weeks after the last live session of each course. After completing the quizzes and the practical tests with a minimum score of 60% and filling out the satisfaction survey, you will be awarded points towards the Archicad BIM Author Certification.

    Software Requirements

    The exercise files in this course have been created using the International language version of Archicad 25 which means that the work environment and some of the content may be different if you are using a different language version. To be able to follow along with the trainer, please make sure to download Archicad 25! Download Archicad here!

    Recommended Learning

    Learners taking this course should have an overall understanding about the basics of modeling and documentation in Archicad.

    Recommended learning:

    Awards and Certifications

    Completing the course materials, including the quizzes, tests and assignments with a minimum score of 60% and filling out the satisfaction survey, will award you points towards achieving the Archicad BIM Author Certification.

    Become a Graphisoft Certified Archicad BIM Author

    A Certified Archicad BIM Author understands the entire BIM workflow, is able to use all functions and features of Archicad and has project-level responsibilities. They can work in a collaborative environment using Teamwork and understand all BIM uses of a project file. Obtain the certification by completing foundation-level, self-paced and trainer-led advanced courses and achieve a minimum score of 60% on course tests and quizzes.

    If you would like to learn more about the details of collecting points, please visit the Certified Archicad BIM Author game's page.

      Certificate of Attendance

      After completing trainer-led advanced courses successfully, you will be awarded with a Certificate of Attendance in PDF format, automatically issued after each course is completed.

      Access Time Frame

      Enrolling in this learning path will grant you access to the courses within. After the trainer-led courses are concluded, this learning path will be archived and you will not be able to access the course materials. 

      BIM Author Program

      This learning path is part of Graphisoft's BIM Author Program that offers foundation and advanced level courses and learning paths that help you become a confident Archicad user and a Certified Archicad BIM Author. Learn more about the BIM Author Program here!

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      Here is the course outline:


      In this module you will see the outline of the Learning Path and understand what knowledge and benefits can you gain by completing this Learning Path.

      Manage Design Options in Archicad

      In this course, you will learn the advantages and disadvantages of several Archicad Design Option Management methodologies and how to identify and apply an appropriate technique to your project.

      Creative Project Presentation Techniques

      Master the skills needed to produce engaging architectural drawings of your project in Archicad. In this course, you'll see examples of how to communicate your design intent effectively to your client, fellow designers, or even external consultants. Learn best practices and create powerful illustrations, diagrams, or just great-looking floor plans of elevations that automatically update as your project evolves.


      Thank you for completing this Learning Path! Please fill out the anonymous satisfaction survey so we can continue improving our training materials!

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